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Professional aura reading online
Professional aura reading online

Did you know every human has a unique energy field that's surrounds them and tells a lot of information about a persons life and feelings? Because we are all spirits who are experiencing a human experience it is our soul that vibrates through us and creates the energy field that we call our Aura. Our Aura has many different beautiful colors that gives away how we are feeling at the moment. But also tells us who we are as a person, what we like or dislike and if we have any illnesses or blockages. Through a professional Aura reading online you can get some real interesting information about yourself! It is even possible to get a totally free Aura reading from a professional Aura reader!

What are Auras all about?

As said before, your Aura is actually your soul that vibrates through your body and forms a colored energy field around you. Animals and plants also have an energy field. Ancient wisdom knew about our Aura and they lived by it every day. But unfortunately in this day and age many of us don't believe in it or just don't want to know anything about it.

Aura colors
Aura colors

But have you ever walked into a room and felt a depressed or maybe a very happy energy? Did you every stand next to a person on the bus and felt uncomfortable? Or did it feel like you could feel how the person was feeling? That's because people can feel each others Aura. When we don't feel good in comes through in our Auras and other people can sense that right away and they will react to that. They will start feeling bad as well. Did you ever noticed that when you feel bad people around you react uncomfortable? That's because they react to the negative vibes that they are getting from you. The same goes for when you are feeling happy. Other people will pick up your happy vibes and they will start to feel happier as well.  This is also a reason why you might like or dislike certain people. Some people are happy and positive and you feel good when you hang out with them. But others may be more negative, feel anxious or depressed and they give of their negative vibes. So you start to feel uncomfortable as well. That's the reason why we don't like to hang out with depressed and negative people.

All of this proves that we can communicate with each other through our Aura. Our Aura resonates in different colors. These colors all have a different meaning. Unlike our chakra's where the colors are constant, the colors in our Aura change depending on how we are feeling and on what is going on for us in this moment in time. 

For example the color deep red could mean that you are grounded, have great will power and are that you are an active person. Orange could mean that you have a good health and vitality. And pink that you are loving and sensitive. Your Aura can resonate all colors of the rainbow and all shaded in between.

What is an Aura reading?

Aura readings can be done by a professional Aura reader. An Aura reader is able to see the colors in your Aura. They also know what all these colors mean and what they are saying about you. So an Aura reading is a great way to learn a lot about yourself. When you are feeling tired and when things are not working out for you at the moment an Aura reading can tell you where the problems lie and what you can do to fix it. An Aura reader can see which colors are dominant in your Aura and that can explain why you aren't feeling so good at the moment. So it is a great way to sort yourself out and to get some insight in your feelings and behavior. 

What is an Aura healing?

Aura healing online
Aura healing online

After you have had an Aura reading you could also choose to get an Aura healing. This means that a professional Aura reader will have a look at your aura and then tries to remove any blockages that are making you feel bad. So an Aura reading is not the same as an Aura healing. The reading is to find out more about yourself and the healing is for when you feel bad and want to fix the problems in your Aura. Because when we feel bad or depressed for a long time our Aura will start to create blockages that keep us from feeling good. And because an Aura reader can see these blockages they are able to fix it. 

Can I get a free Aura reading?

Yes, it is totally possible to get a free Aura reading online! All you have to do is register a free account and start a free chat with a psychic. Although the free chat rooms are not for receiving free readings, many psychics offer free answers and free information to show you that they are the real deal. So it is definitely worth the time and effort to start a free conversation with a psychic healer. 

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