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A spiritual consultant is someone who helps others on their individual spiritual journey. They might be specifically trained or have unique gifts to assist you. They could be psychic, or maybe just have a lot of experience on one or more spiritual subjects. It all depends on the kind of spiritual adviser you are looking for. Most popular spiritual consultants are psychics, psychic mediums, tarot readers, fortune tellers and spiritual coaches. 

You could think of them as a teacher or a mentor. He or she is there to offer guidance and advice from a spiritual perspective. 

Do not think of a spiritual adviser or spiritual consultant as someone who merely tells you what to do. Like the name implies, he or she is only there to advise you when you seek greater insight on one or more topics/matters that concern you or your direct surroundings.

Spiritual advisers will provide you with insights, deeper understanding, inspiration, new motivation and answers to your most pressing questions.

What kind of spiritual consultants are there?

There are many spiritual consultants that can help you with your specific query. A few examples of spiritual advisers are Tarot readers, psychics, psychic mediums, fortune tellers, clairvoyants, spiritual coaches, astrologers etc.

For instance, a Tarot reader uses the Tarot deck to provide you with answers and a step in the right direction using their great knowledge of the cards and their own interpretation. A psychic or psychic medium can also make use of the Tarot cards and next to it use their psychic abilities such as clairvoyance or clairaudience. A psychic medium has the ability to connect with your deceased loved ones who are able to provide greater clarity to you and of course a chance to reconnect. Some spiritual consultants may be able to read your aura and guide you towards taking the best care of yourself while clearing energetic blocks throughout your body's energy field.

A spiritual consultant can help you with your ups and downs through life by offering their guidance and special abilities.

What can a spiritual consultant do for you?

A spiritual consultant can give you insights on numerous topics or issues you are dealing with. You might be dealing with repetitive patterns in your relationships or day to day life where you need help with. Maybe you don't even know this is the case and you wonder why the same old things keep happening to you.

Or maybe you would like to get out of situation that is no longer good for you but you just don't know where to start. You might be thinking of leaving your job or spouse or you might be thinking of starting a family but is it really the right time?

Perhaps you yourself are experiencing something paranormal and you are seeking advice and help with that. Or possibly you just want to know what you could expect in the future regarding your love life or career. 

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Questions you can ask a spiritual consultant

You can ask questions about all topics concerning your everyday life such as love/home/business or finance. Or you may want to contact someone who has crossed over.

  • Should I continue on the same path?
  • What direction should I be looking at career wise?
  • Is my partner right for me?
  • Why does my infant child cry so much?
  • What can I expect on a financial level over the next months?
  • Is what I am doing aligning with my higher purpose or should I take another path?
  • How does he/she feel about me?
  • What is the possible outcome of a specific situation?

How to find a suitable consultant for you

Before engaging in a consult with a spiritual adviser it is best to state clearly what it is you want to know or what kind of guidance you would like to receive beforehand.

Should you want to connect with a lost loved one then you would be best of to consult a psychic medium rather than a Tarot card reader or spiritual life coach.

That being said it is important to feel the right 'vibe' with your spiritual adviser. Listen to your own instincts when it comes to finding that specific adviser.

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