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Free astrology answers
Free astrology answers

Astrology chat rooms are a great way to get into contact with some proven and professional astrologers. We have totally free astrology chat rooms where you can have a live video chat with an experienced astrologer for free! During this free astrologer chat you can even get some free astrology answers. Or you can get a free astrology chat reading up to 10 minutes! Our free astrologers can answer all sorts of questions about love, relationships, pregnancy, past lives, career, children and much more. Free free to register for our astrology chat and have a totally free conversation with our online astrologers without further obligations! 

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Let us explain how our free astrologer chat rooms work. All you have to do is register a free account. After that you will have full access to all the free astrologer chat rooms. The chat rooms are not private, there will be other chatters present as well. Anybody can ask the astrologer antything they want to know about astrology, astrology readings and what an astrology reading can do for you. The free chat rooms are not for receiving free readings. But many of the astrologers and other spiritual advisers offer some free answers and even short readings during a free chat to show you that they are genuine and really able to give you an accurate and professional reading. Please make sure that you understand that not all astrologers offer free answers to your questions. But there are many who are willing to answer free questions so it is definitely worth the effort to start a free chat with an astrologer. 

All our astrology readings are live video chat readings. So you are able to see the astrologer via his or her webcam. And you can even turn on you webcam and microphone as well, if you feel like it. When you want to invite an astrologer for a paid reading then you can do that at any time during a free chat. All paid reading are held in a private chat room. Like said before, it is also possible to get a free 10 minute astrology reading in our online chat rooms. 

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What exactly is an astrologer?

You have probably heard about astrology before and you might also know that the people who have mastered this ancient practice are called "astrologers". Astrologers learned everything there is to know about the planets in our sky and the effect they have on our daily lives. The same way as the Moon has an impact on the water on our planet causing tides. You could think of it as each planet leaving its own mark on us as a people, our behavior, emotional state and etc. But the planets also affect energy and we all know everything is made up out of energy thus their continuous movements have a profound impact on virtually anything on this earth. Astrologers make sure they know exactly how and what happens when planets change positions.

This knowledge allows them to create some pretty accurate predictions. Very popular in todays society are horoscopes created by astrologers. You might know your sun sign already but there is much more to these horoscopes than just a sun sign. For example, an astrologer is also able to create a natal chart or birth chart. Based on your date and time of birth an astrologer will create a very detailed and in depth overview of which planets rule your houses and what their impact is on your personality, life experience, past, future, karma, strengths, weaknesses and much more.

What can an astrologer do for you?

Astrologers have a lot to work with. Astrology is a pretty complex practice meaning there is a lot an astrologer will have to take into account and be wary of when creating horoscopes or predictions.

Knowing your date and time of birth an astrologer can create a variety of horoscopes for you. Here are a few examples:

  • Birth chart
  • Daily horoscope
  • Monthly horoscope
  • Yearly horoscope
  • Love horoscope
  • Work horoscope
  • Family horoscope
  • Relationship horoscope
  • Compatibility report
  • Karmic report
  • Finance horoscope

Each one of these horoscopes can be subcategorized or zoomed into. By that we mean every little aspect of the topic in question can be looked into and explained to you thoroughly.

That means you can ask specific questions to your astrologer which he or she will take into consideration when creating your personal horoscope. You can even ask for your astrologer to create a horoscope for another person. For example you want to understand your child's behavior better or you would like to know about your partners personality or past. All you need is their consent and date of birth.

What can you learn from an Astrology reading?

An astrology chat reading can help you better understand yourself or another person by explaining your personality traits, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and etc. The way they do this is by figuring out the exact location of the different planets in the sky at the moment you were born. Tracing the movements and alignments of these planets over the course of your life and the future they are able to determine how this affects your love life, career, finances and so much more.

By combining two natal charts an astrologer can create a compatibility report. This report shows how two people influence and balance each other out. How their personalities work together and what they both can do to improve their relationship.

Different horoscopes

Talking about different horoscopes we will explain what they mean and what information you can expect. You have probably come across different horoscopes in magazines, online or a newspaper.

These horoscopes are based on you sun sign. Your date of birth is very important when it comes to your sun sign. As you can tell the exact dates are always listed above every sign so you know which sun sign implies for you.

But because these horoscopes are solemnly based on that they are pretty general and for everybody. Which might also explain the fact that they never really seem to be true for you. If we take your time of birth into the equation you will get a much more detailed view as all planets can be taken into consideration. Making a horoscope that much more accurate and personal.

The below explanations of the horoscopes are based on exactly that.

Daily horoscopes

When it comes to your daily horoscope you can expect your astrologer to tell you about the importance of the day for you. Usually a certain trend will be in order for you for a longer period of time let's say a few days till weeks. That is because the planets still move but wont leave a certain area of your chart for that extent. So a certain influence will be true for you that day. Your astrologer will take this as a highlight and looks for other influences from different planets to predict the outlook of your day.

You might then be able to tell them your plans for the day and he or she can determine if this a good day to act on these plans or to hold them off a bit longer until the sky looks more convenient for you. Certain planets can stir the energy a bit and others can send some luck your way. That also means that should you have something important planned on a specific date in the future. You can ask your astrologer about the influences on that day and whether or not the planets are working in your favor. Daily horoscopes are not only for the present day.

Monthly horoscopes

A monthly horoscope is usually a bit longer as a bigger time span has to be covered. But a monthly horoscope does not mean a daily horoscope for a month. It usually means that your astrologer will look at the upcoming month for you and informs you on what energy is at play at different times of the month. Very important events in astrology are definitely New Moons or Full Moons which happen once a month. In addition we have Lunar eclipses and Solar eclipses which are also very powerful. All these events have an even stronger influence on your life and emotions.

Again looking at your exact time and date of birth your astrologer will determine where these events take place in your chart in that exact month. This way they can inform you on what will likely happen for you, what to expect, either warn you for different energies playing a role in a certain aspect of your life or strange behavior from others or even yourself.

They will give you a week by week review of the future when it comes to love, career, relationships, family, finances and so on. They are a great way to prepare for the upcoming time ahead.

Yearly horoscopes

Your yearly horoscope is a very interesting one as your astrologer can have a look at the full cycle of the movements of the planets in your personal chart. Every transition, retrograde period, conjunction, super moon and so forth can be taken into consideration for you. A full future prediction can be created based on all these events. And although you might not know what all these things mean exactly, your astrologer knows very well what their impact is on your life.

In a yearly horoscope your astrologer will also look at karmic connections or life lessons that still have to be learned or completed. They can for example see what kind of people will be coming into your life, is it an ex or a new best friend? You will find out about any new job opportunities, what months are best finance wise and are any trips overseas this year?

You can learn so much from a yearly horoscope. You don't have to wait until December or January to get one. At any time of the year you can ask for a yearly horoscopes which will run from the current month until the same month next year.

Love horoscope

A love horoscope is usually based on a few months period. The longer the period the more general the overview will be. Naturally, a shorter period can be looked into and with more detail. Your astrologer will take a deep look at your love life and future influences. He or she will be able to see on which days a future love interest will present itself. What you can do yourself for example to meet someone new or to attract a specific person at specific dates.

Should you be in a relationship already then your astrologer can tell you about the most romantic dates for you or even at what time you might get engaged, move in together or inform you on less happy days or challenges in your relationship and whether or not you will overcome it.

In addition a love horoscope also shows your habits and behavior in love. Together with your astrologer you will take a look at the patterns you have created for yourself and if there is a way to change them if they are unsuccessful and do not specifically help you in the love department. What kind of partner should you be looking for and which of their traits suite yours best?

You can ask questions if you want to know more specific things.

For obvious reasons, this is also one of the most popular horoscopes in astrology, especially amongst single people.

Work horoscope

A work horoscope will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to your career and the finances that come along with it. Whether you have your own business, a day to day job or are currently unemployed. Maybe you are thinking of starting something yourself but you don't know how to go about it or you would like to know if you'll be successful.

It is again a personal horoscope so your personal situation will be taken into account. Your astrologer can tell you when a job opportunity will come along, when you might expand your business or if your hard work has paid off and you could be offered a raise. On the other hand there might be a situation you are dealing with at work and you would like to know if and when this will be resolved. Maybe you would do best looking for another job or searching your happiness elsewhere.

Profit could be found in a different direction than where you were looking before and you could be handed some tips that can improve your business. Work relationships will be placed under a loop and you may find you can learn from people you never expected to learn from.

You can be told where to look for inspiration and ideas and what dates are best to engage in work related social events to expand your network. Either way this horoscope is likely to make you a lot wiser than before when it comes to work.

Relationship horoscope

A relationship horoscope can be created for two people in either a love relationship, a friendship or family bond. It doesn't matter what type of relationship it is about. The astrologer will use both the date and time of both people and takes a look at their relationship and the future. Combining both future aspects he or she will be able take predict future events and influences that will impact the relationship.

How will this relationship progress, is there a future together, do both people put in the same effort and will they keep up with the relationship? These are just a few examples of the things that will be looked into and explained by your astrologer in a relationship horoscope. This horoscope is also usually created for a longer period of time and mostly for couples. But there are numerous people who want this horoscope for themselves and their child or friend and sometimes even a parent, coworker or sibling.

If you would like you can ask your astrologer if there are any karmic relations or past live connections between the two of you. What unresolved issues are working against you and what can be done to improve the relationship? This is all very valuable information to gain for both people. Note that the other person does not have to be present so you can keep the information yourself.

Compatibility horoscope

The compatibility horoscope is a very interesting one. Your astrologer will use both natal charts of the two people involved in the relationship. Again it does not matter what kind of relationship this is but this one is also mostly done for romantic relationships. In that case, the people involved do not have to be in a relationship yet. So, this horoscope is helpful in determining whether or not you would want to start a relationship with someone or if you should or should not become more serious.

Both personalities and characteristics, common goals and interests will be examined and placed next to each other. How will the two people balance each other out and complement each other? Do they have what it takes to keep the relationship interesting or are the chances slim of making it together in the long run?

Or maybe you would like to know what it is that other person likes and appreciates about you or not. Some people try the compatibility horoscope to find out how they would best interact with the other persons behavior in certain situations. Find out the reason behind their motivations. This horoscope is great to get to know each other better by gaining insight and perspective into their personality.

You can talk to your astrologer beforehand to see which kind of horoscope will give you the information you need based on your desires. This can help you decide which one to choose. Any of the horoscopes listed above can be done for another person if you like as this is also occasionally requested.